Percussion Therapy

Percussion Therapy has emerged as one of the most popular forms of IASTM. The Muscle Blaster was developed to assist the body’s own healing mechanism

The results may include increased tissue hydration, improved sensory perception, increased body awareness, decreased pain, increased blood flow, degradation of scar tissue, decrease in DOMS, Increased lymphatic flow, increased mobility and ROM, tissue remodeling and improved motor control.

How it Works?

Fascia is the most important tissue for posture and movement and the nervous system is the most important target for influencing posture and movement. Percussion therapy influences mechanoreceptors eliciting targeted neuromuscular responses.

The role of tissue is to generate, absorb, direct or disperse and release energy. To accomplish this, it needs to be elastic, compliant and mobile and at the same time springy, stiff and stable.

Percussion therapy can improve tissue reactivity and stability or strength to aid in creating longer lasting soft tissue change and movement efficiency.

Attachments Set

4 Interchangeable Attachments to Target Specific Muscle Groups

Large Round Ball

For large muscle groups and hard to reach muscles

Flat Head

For all muscles – firmer than round ball

Bullet Head

For joints, deep tissue, muscle knots, spasms and trigger points

Fork Head

For mainly use on neck and spine

5 Speed Settings

(1400 up to 3200 Percussions Per Minute)

Choose different frequencies amplitudes and torque according to different needs. With vibration frequency and scientific design, the Muscle Blaster body massager increases blood flow, releases stored lactic acid, and relieves sore muscles.

Level 1 – 1400 PPM, Level 2 – 1800 PPM, Level 3 – 2200 PPM, Level 4 – 2600 PPM, Level 5 – 3200 PPM

Ergonomic Design

15-degree angled shaft makes it easy to reach all muscles for self-myofascial release. Durable TPE material with a comfortable siliconized rubber grip.

Attachments Set

4 Interchangeable Attachments to Target Specific Muscle Groups

Hearing Protection NOT Required

Unlike most muscle massagers on the market the JAWKU Muscle Blaster V2 utilizes a high-torque ultra-quiet brushless DC motor producing a quiet 55dB at the highest level.

Unsurpassed Battery Life

Rechargeable 2550mAh lithium-ion battery pack provides a class leading 4-hours of continuous use per charge on highest setting and up to 6-hours on lower settings. LED battery 4 level indicator shows when it is time to recharge.

Custom Carrying Case

Keep your JAWKU Muscle Blaster V2 safe and protected with the included semi-rigid nylon custom carrying case. Case keeps the massager, heads and charger cable all in a convenient, easy to carry case. Perfect when taking your massager on the go!

  • Using the Muscle Blaster on a low setting with deep pressure will activate Muscle Spindles and Golgi Tendon Organs. This is used for recovery to decrease muscle tone and aid in relaxation
  • Using the Muscle Blaster on a low setting with light pressure will stimulate Ruffini Endings and Muscle Spindles. This will decrease sympathetic activity and improve flexibility
  • Using the Muscle Blaster on a high setting with deep pressure will stimulate Free Nerve Endings and Pacinian Corpuscles, This can inhibit pain signals and help with ROM
  • Using the Muscle Blaster on a high setting with light pressure will stimulate Pacinian Corpuscles and Free Nerve Endings. This will increase proprioception and sympathetic activity
  • Use the Muscle Blaster during warm-up to prepare the body to train. 30 seconds, or less, and at a high setting. This will aid in motor-control, coordination, proprioception, and body awareness
  • Use the Muscle Blaster between sets as a complimentary exercise for less than 30 seconds per area to maintain stimulation, proprioception, circulation and recovery
  • Use the Muscle Blaster in the Cool-Down phase of training for 60 seconds or more to hydrate tissue, speed recovery, decrease DOMS and mitigate soreness