Line One Workout Series


A thick, dense, and well-balanced upper body requires massive back muscles, and Line One has the workout to make that happen. Along with proper nutrition and supplementation, our back workout will build muscle volume that shows up from all angles.

1. Pull Down

3 Sets x 25 Reps

Use this movement to warm your back up for the rowing movements later in the workout. Squeeze back once the pulldown bar touches across top of your chest. Your back should have a good pump after the 2nd set. Set 3 increase the weight.

2. Seated Cable Row

3 Sets x 12 Reps

On this movement stretch forward gently stretching back. Next pull the handle to your belly button with your chest up and core tight. Increase weight each set.

3. Dumbbell One Arm Row

4 Sets x 15 Reps

On this movement I like to start with my weaker arm. You can row off the rack or a bench. Stretch the dumbbell down until arm is fully extended, then pull up to your hip and squeeze your back. After both arms are completed, your rest time begins. Increase the weight every set.

4. Barbell Row

3 Sets x 12 Reps

The is my bread and butter movement. Guaranteed to add gains to your back. Start off with your feet shoulder width apart. You can grip overhand or under. I like to rotate from week to week.

5. T-bar Row

3 Sets x 12 Reps

Use the same stance you use for barbell rows with feet shoulder length apart. Start with arms extended and pull until the plates touch your chest. If you can not get a good contraction with the larger plates, use smaller ones. The contraction is more important than the amount of weight. Increase weight each set.

6. Pullover

3 Sets x 12 Reps

On this movement, the goal is V-taper. Lay with head and neck supported on the bench with your hip hanging off and core contracted tight at all times. Cup dumbbell with both hands and stretch back slowly keeping hips down. Once at full stretch, pull over quickly until dumbbell is above your chest. This is another movement where the stretch and contraction is more important than the weight.

About the Author

Stephen Frazier, IFBB PRO 

IFBB Pro Stephen Frazier has been been a valuable member of the Line One Team for years. As a personal trainer, Stephen has developed multiple targeted workout plans for competitive bodybuilders and athletes alike. His Line One Workout Program is designed to combine with Line One supplements to efficiently build thick lean muscle.