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Chris B

Ultimate Lean Mass Cycle

“I knew I needed a boost to get beyond a physique plateau, so I chose the Ultimate Lean Mass Cycle, with a single pill of MK-677 at night. So far, the results have been amazing with real muscle gains and vascularity I never even knew I had! Best combo ever for me. Highly recommended."

Brandon Worden

Ultimate Cycle Results

Brandon before and after using the Ultimate Cycle showing amazing results after just 4 months!


Muscle Pills Results

“I am just glad I found Muscle Pills ® and that I tried them. The website, the packaging and the product all convinced me to buy and after taking them for one week, I knew these pills were the real deal!

Here Are My Stats

Pre-Muscle Pills ® weight 184 lbs @ 14% bodyfat

Post-Muscle Pills ® weight 193 lbs @ 11% bodyfat

The product is incredible. It is so much smoother and cleaner than anything I’ve ever tried. With the results I got, I won’t look anywhere else but to LineOneNutrition from this point forward. I can’t wait to get on my next cycle.

P.S. I’m now taking my RESET Pills and I’m still making gains and getting even more ripped. I love it!”


Muscle Pills Results

“This is the stuff, I like it. The downfall on my part was that my food intake was limited. The wallet was thin, so I averaged about 2000 to 2500 calories per day… but I maintained all I had and still built muscle.”


Muscle Pills Results

“When I first started using Muscle Pills ®, I was a little skeptical thinking that pills wouldn’t be enough for significant muscle gain. I started taking them and within the first week, I was seeing gains. It might be a placebo effect, I thought, but as I got into my second week it became evident that hard work and Muscle Pills ® were packing on some serious lean mass.

I received compliments on the broadening of my shoulders, thickening of the chest, growing arms and widening lats. In the beginning, I weighed around 182-185. Now my weight range is around 193-197. It took me right out of the plateau I was in and into a new stage of bodybuilding.”


Muscle Pills Results

Javier before and after using Muscle Pills ® from Line One Nutrition.


Muscle Pills Results

Erik before and after using Muscle Pills ® from Line One Nutrition.

12 lbs gained
Starting weight: 179 lb
Finishing weight: 191 lbs.

“Muscle Pills ® is the best bodybuilding supplement I’ve ever taken… period. I gained 12 pounds of lean hard muscle in 30 days and no other Pro-Anabolic product I’ve tried has worked this well.”


Muscle Pills Results

Brady before and after using Muscle Pills ® from Line One Nutrition.

Starting weight: 190 lbs 13% bodyfat
Finishing weight: 202 lbs 10% bodyfat

“LineOne is Amazing!! I have been training for 3 years trying to gain size and strength with mass gaining proteins and eating 3-5000 calories a day, and only gained 20 lbs! With the LineOne Muscle Pills ® I was able to supersede all my previous training! Gaining almost 15 lbs of solid shredded muscle in only 30 days! It increased my strength and size dramatically!! I will most definitely be ordering another round!”

Garrett Cotton

Mass Pills Results

Cycled the Mass Pills for 5 weeks

“I hit pr’s every week and my strength stayed consistent throughout the whole workout. The product worked way more than I thought it would and is the best investment I’ve made since I started working out.”

Here Are My Stats

Pre-Mass Pills ® Weight 160 lbs

Post-Mass Pills ® Weight 175 lbs


Mass Pills Results

Justin used Mass Pills in preparation for a bodybuilding contest. He held his diet the exact same, and gained 12 pounds of muscle while getting more cut.


Former U.S. Army, currently in the Army Reserve at Wichita Falls, TX

Here Are My Stats

Post-Mass Pills ® Weight 183 lbs

Post-Mass Pills ® Weight 195 lbs

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