Line One Workout Plans



If you’re taking Mass Pills, follow the Line One Mass Pills workout below and enjoy gains in thick beefy muscle. It’s always good to switch up your routine and challenge your muscles to new movements and resistance combinations, so download this plan, try it out in the gym while supplementing with mass pills, and watch your body respond.

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Key:  DB=Dumbbell  BB=Barbell  SS=Super Set  DS=Drop Set

Key:  DB=Dumbbell  BB=Barbell 
SS=Super Set  DS=Drop Set

Monday - Back 

Lat Pulldown48 to 10
Cable Row48 to 10
Single Arm DB Row38 to 10

Tuesday - Shoulders/Triceps

BB or DB Shoulder Press 46 to 10
DB lateral Delt Raise310 to 12
BB Upright Row210 to 12 SS
Rear Delt Raise210 to 12
BB Skull Crushers410 to 12
Cable Tricep Push Down 310 to 12
Cable Reverse Tricep Pull Down310 to 12

Wednesday - Rest/Abs

Thursday - Legs

BB Squat or Leg Press55
Straight Leg Dead Lift310
Quad Extensions410
Hamstring Curls310
Walking Lunges310

Friday - Chest/Biceps

Incline or Flat BB Bench 55
Incline or Flat DB Bench48 to 10
Incline or Flat DB Fly310 to 12
Decline Machine Press 310
BB Bicep Curls 48 to 10
Seated DB Curls 310
BB Preacher Curls310

Saturday - Rest/Abs