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People Are Raving About Line One!

“I had been taking Muscle Pills for only 3 days when I had to make an arrest while on patrol. The subject started to fight me and I subdued him with awesome controlled strength. I’ve taken Pro-Anabolic supplements before, but they made me feel edgy and short-tempered, which can be a problem in law enforcement. Muscle Pills ® are totally different. I’m stronger on the job and the gym… and I can feel my muscles getting harder and more dense. Muscle Pills are the best testosterone booster I’ve tried so far and I recommend it to all law enforcement officers.”

Ray S. – 38 yrs
Bexar County Sheriff, San Antonio, TX

“I took my first dose on the way to the gym and within 15 minutes, I could feel something switch “on” inside. I couldn’t wait to hit the weights and when I did, I was focused, strong, and had a great workout. Now that I’ve been talking them for two weeks, I’ve gained 4 lbs of hard, dense muscle and getting more cut as well. It’s awesome! I hope we get this stuff in GNC soon.”

Javier R. – 21 yrs
GNC sales representative, Houston, TX

“As a health club owner and a lifelong natural athlete, I was leery about taking a Pro-Anabolic supplement, but I was looking for a quality product that could help me trim down my waist and pack on some dense muscle. Since the liver and prostate protection is built into Muscle Pills ® I decided to give them a try. I’m only one week into taking them and I can feel the increase in lean muscle and when I work out, my muscles are hard. I’ve lost at least an inch in my waist and I haven’t changed my diet. So far, the stuff is working great!”

Mike T. – 40 yrs
Health Club Owner, Orlando, FL

“Eight years ago I started studying anti-aging medicine and realized how important it is for older guys (35 and up) to maintain higher testosterone levels. Keeping your testosterone up not only lets you have great workouts, build lean muscle and keep the fat off your waist, but makes you feel good as well. While there is no substitute for doctor prescribed testosterone injections, Muscle Pills are about as close as it gets. I’ve been taking the product for 3 weeks and I can really feel it, almost like I’m injecting testosterone. Everybody keeps telling me I look more cut and lean, but I haven’t lost any weight. In fact, I’ve gained 5 pounds and mentally, I feel focused and relaxed. Of all the OTC test boosters I’ve tried, “Muscle Pills ®” are the best so far and I highly recommend the product.”

Andrew M. – 46 yrs.
Business Consultant, Austin, TX

“I used Muscle Pills ® for 4 weeks and had tremendous results. I went from 235 lbs to 247 lbs of rock hard muscle… and my bench press shot up from 335 to 405 in just 4 weeks! I would recommend this product to anybody serious about their lifting and overall shape and I will definitely be using Muscle Pills ® again. 450 lb bench press here I come!”

Evan E.
Phoenix, AZ

“Dear Line One Nutrition:I thought that with all the running and training we’re doing as of late, I’d be losing most of what I gained on your product, but I haven’t…which is great. I went from 156 lbs to 171 lbs and it was definitely muscle. Everybody at the gym on base was asking me what was up and what I was taking. I didn’t really want to tell them (my secret) because I was blowing past a lot of my buddies in gains.Anyway, thanks for packing some muscle onto this lean mean fighting machine! When I get back from deployment, this is the first thing I’m buying. Muscle Pills and Reset Pills™ are the sh*t!”

John E.
United States Marine Corps (USMC), San Antonio, TX

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