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ultimate Power Cycle

Ultimate Power Cycle ®

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Stack the ULTIMATE CYCLE™ with POWER PILLS™ and Take Your Gains to the Max.

How do you build huge muscle with today’s legal restrictions? LIne One Nutrition ® has the answer. SARM/DHEA derivatives (Mass Pills ® & Muscle Pills ®) combined with stable elevated testosterone levels (Power Pills™) create an anabolic enviroment that will maximize your muscle gains.

The Ultimate Power Cycle ® results in massive amounts of muscle! The Ultimate Power Cycle ® is a 3-month program that begins with 2 months of intense Building and Maturing of Muscle, followed by 30 days of Hormone Optimization to retain your gains.

Three Supplements over Three Months for Maximum Results

If you’re looking to pack on muscle, our 3-step program is what you need. It’s the ultimate SARM/DHEA pro-hormone cycle. First, take Mass Pills ® and Power Pills™ as directed for 4 weeks to gain massive thick muscle. Next use Muscle Pills ® and Power Pills™for another 4 weeks to get even bigger and leaner and further solidfy your muscle gains. Then, take Reset Pills™ to re-balance and optimize your hormone levels while retaining your hard earned muscle.

The Line One Nutrition ® Ultimate Power Cycle ® will take your build to a muscular head-turning, jaw-dropping level! Try it, get jacked, and then send us photos of the results. If we use them online, we’ll send you either a bottle of our Power Protein, a bottle of our incredible Pump Powder™ pre-workout™, or one of our 120-count Max NOS Pump Pills for FREE… you’re choice!

The Line One Nutrition ® Ultimate Power Cycle ® includes one (1) bottle of Mass Pills ®, one (1) bottle of Muscle Pills ®, two (2) bottles of Power Pills™, and one (1) bottle of Reset Pills™. Four Supplements used over three Months for Ultimate Results! And purchasing all of the necessary supplements for the cycle as part of our Ultimate Cycle™ package saves 10% off the price, plus massive savings on shipping!

The Line One Nutrition ® Ultimate Power Cycle ®… 4 suppliments used over 3 months for maximum muscular development.

Warning: Although our supplements do not conatin banned ingredients, if you are a professional or amateur athlete subject to performance enhancing substance testing, do not use these products unless cleared by your sanctioning body as it may cause a false reactive result for a urine or blood drug test.


Before and After Shots

The Ultimate Power Cycle ® in action!
Take a look out how physiques are transformed by hard work and The Ultimate Power Cycle ®!



Justin went on the Ultimate Cycle™ in preparation for a bodybuilding contest. See the Results below.


Congratulations to Justin for winning 3rd in the Novice Light Heavy Division of the GNC sponsored NPC Culver City Classic in Los Angeles, CA


Greg before using the Ultimate Cycle™ and showing awesome results after the Muscle Pills ® stage in the cycle.


Starting weight: 143lbs
After Mass Pills ®: 154lbs
After Muscle Pills ®: 150lbs

Waist 30 to 28 inches
Quad 21 to 22 inches
Arms 16.5 to a full 17 inches
Calves 12.5 to 13.5 inches
Forearm 11 to 12 inches

City: Phoenix, AZ
Stay tuned for more before and after pics of the physiques that have been transformed by The Ultimate Cycle™

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